FAQ About Custom Club Fitting

Q: What is the process for custom fitting?
A: A custom fitting specialist has you hit balls while the Trackman radar collects data from each shot. We have you hit your old clubs first so we have baseline information about how far you hit it with them, what your ball flight is, how solid you hit them, etc. Then your fitter will have you hit various different clubs and shafts from various manufacturers to find the combination that maximizes your potential.
Q: Why should I get custom fit for golf clubs?
A: Good quality golf clubs are a significant investment. Custom Fitting helps you make an informed choice.
Q: Why should I get custom fit at Matt Swanson’s School of Golf? Other stores have technology that helps them custom fit?
A: Because we use the Trackman, we watch the entire ball flight – we don’t have you hit into a net, and we have been one of America’s Top 100 Clubfitters as identified by Golf Digest Magazine since 2011 when they started the list. That means our club fitting specialists have fit more people with better technology for a longer time than almost anywhere you could go in Houston.
Q: What if I don’t hit anything better than my clubs?
A: We are not pushy salesmen, our specialists don’t have quotas. If you don’t hit new clubs better than your old ones they will tell you. If that happens, the money you spend on the custom fitting is pretty small compared to buying clubs you don’t need. If you do buy clubs from us, we charge the same as the big box stores.
Q: What is the cost?
A: We charge $150 for the fitting. If you purchase approximately $300 worth of clubs from us we will credit $100 of the fitting cost to the purchase.
Q: I am a beginning golfer. Is it worth getting custom fit?
A: Not necessarily. But it would be very worth your while to have a conversation with one of our golf pros. They can give you good advice on what direction to go in. We often have good used sets in our golf shop which might be a cost effective starter set for you. Drop by or send us an e-mail or facebook message and we will help you make that decision.