Club Repair

We perform basic club repair such as:

  • Re gripping clubs.
  • Re shafting clubs.
  • Repairing broken clubs.
  • We can also act as liaison with club manufacturers to have your club repaired.

Golf Grip Prices

Tour Velvet$8.95
Tour Velvet Midsize$9.95
Golf Pride$10.95
CP2 Wrap$10.95
CP2 Wrap Midsize$11.95
Multi Compound$13.95
Multi Compound Midsize$11.95
2G Tour Wrap$9.95
2G Tour Wrap Midsize$10.95
MCC+4 Multi Compound$13.95
MCC+4 Multi Compound Midsize$14.95
New Decade Multi Comp$13.95
New Decade Multi Comp Midsize$14.95
GP Tour SNSR Putter Grip$28.00
Super Stroke 3.0$28.00
Super Stroke Legacy 1.0$23.00
US Kids$7.95
Winn Dry Tac