Matt Swanson’s School of Golf opened in 2001 at Wildcat Golf Club.  Matt moved the main operation of the school to the current location, Swanson Golf Center, in 2009 and consolidated all golf school operations at this location.  Matt developed an early appreciation for the usefulness of technology in teaching golf. 

As a young Pro he would roll a “state of the art” A/V cart out to the teaching range.  It was a clever combination of a car battery, 6-inch television, and a handheld JVC camera.  By today’s standards, it seems pretty crude, but it was an effective tool to help his students see their swing.  Today the “A/V cart” at Matt Swanson’s School of Golf includes the V1 Digital Coach, Trackman and High Definition cameras.

While technology is important, it’s usefulness rests solely on the ability and experience of the Golf Professional using it.  Matt Swanson’s School of Golf is staffed with Golf Teachers who have distinguished themselves as players and teachers and they are all are students of the golf swing.

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