Welcome to Swanny’s Recreational
Kickball League!
This is a fun league!
  1. Start on time!  Your team will forfeit if you are not ready to play within 10 minutes of your scheduled start time.  You may pick up players from other teams.
  2. One pitch to your team (your pitcher pitches to your team)!  Either kick or an out, no bunting. 
  3. You must be behind home plate to kick.  Run limit:  8
  4. No base stealing.
  5. Minimum players on a team is 8, max is 10.  Must have at least 3 females in the game at all times.  Must have at least 2 females in the infield.
  6. Rotation must alternate boy/girl/boy/girl.  Whole team may kick.
  7. No head shots.  If a base runner is hit in the head with the ball it will be counted as a home run.
  8. If the runner makes contact with the ball at any point it is an automatic out.
  9. The ball must be in the pitcher’s hand to stop play.
  10. A ball caught in the air is an automatic out.
  11. Kicker will get one re-kick after a foul ball.  Second foul is an out.
  12. 3 outs per inning.
  13. Pitcher must not interfere with defensive play.
  14. The umpire makes the final ruling.
  15. No metal spike cleats