Sand Volleyball

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Swanny's Recreational League - Wednesdays - Sign up here

Tournament Schedule
Summer Rec League
August 23
Please note the game times,
we will only play the third game if it is needed to determine the winner!

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Summer Volleyball League

General Information/Rules
Welcome to Swanny's Volleyball!
This is a co-ed, recreational league and is designed to be fun!  
Both genders must be represented on the court at all times.
The team you field for playoffs must contain players who have played at least 2 regular season games with your team.
If on any night you don't have enough players you may ask a player from another team to play with you.  This does not constitute a forfeit.
You can elect to play 3 on 4 as long as each gender is on the court at all times and each team agrees.

If you want to play but don't have a team come on up,
we have room on a couple of the teams,
we can add you to the rotation!  
Let us know you are coming at 281-440-0350